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Screw the locking nylon nuts onto the #8 Damper Tray Push Rod so that it supports the damper tray. Screw the 2 #8 nuts with a washer on the other end.

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VORTX™ Vibration Damper - Preformed Line Products Clamp Profile – During installation, the damper clamp will hang from the conductor in accordance with IEC standards. Hands are free to tighten the bolt to the proper torque. Messenger Strand – Precision manufactured galvanized steel messenger strand efficiently absorbs vibration energy. Vented gas logs don't need damper clip? - Home Inspection Aug 05, 2010 · Vented gas logs don't need damper clip? If this is your first visit, I like that ridiculous language in those instructions manuals that says do not install this fireplace in a negative pressure environment. That means you cannot install them in virtually any home. James, if you put a damper clamp on a bimetal damper on a listed 4004-319 REV A PFS - Hearth N Home Installation Instructions • The chimney flue damper, when used with gas logs, will be welded open or completely removed. 2 Hearth & Home Technologies • Grand Oak Match Light Gas Log Sets • 4004-319 Rev A• 5/2013 Read this manual before installing or operating this appliance.

Re-install the fork leg to the top triple clamp and tighten the nut to factory torque setting (see workshop manual). Re-install the black cap. controller for incorporating function of the external damper in the system: Place the clamp over the lip of the damper and tighten the hold Loosen the nuts onthe the damper shaft shaft “U” “U” clamp clamp Loosen the (2)(2) nuts on 33 dampershaft shaft“U” “U”clamp clamp damper 33 Lock Lockthe themotor motorininthe the 55 5. Following the manual step by step will save you some time, since the installation needs to be done in certain order. 4.1. Starting Assembly 8 4.2. Technical Specification Glossary 8 4.3. Labeling OF Sections (Shipping Split) 12 4.4. Minimum Clearance Distances 12 4.5. BASE Frame, Dimensions OF BASE Plinth, ANTI-Vibration Mountings

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND OWNER’S MANUAL installation in an approved, existing, fully vented, wood-burning fireplace, with a gas hook-up. This appliance must be installed only in a solid-fuel burning fireplace with a working flue and construction of noncombustible materials. The vent damper must have a damper clamp attached to it to keep the damper … DamperClamp.com - for your Fireplace We sell the safety clamp to keep the damper open in a vented gas log application. These are required in home inspections for fireplaces with gas logs. DamperClamp.com - for your Fireplace installation instructions - Pottorff wood truss with gypboard ceiling radiation damper installation instructions A. Measure the actual spacing between the wood framing members and cut the mounting angle to that length plus six inches.Two mounting angles are required. Fold up approximately three inches at 90˚ at both ends of the mounting angle and attach it to the wood frame with minimum of two each #6

Fireside Pros offers a Vent-Free Option on NG or LP fuel systems, with your choice of burner and log style. Harmony Burners and Matching Log…

Please See Our Website For Log Assembly Videos. GAS-FIRED Retain this manual for future reference. STACKED A damper clamp must be installed on. Wood-burning fireplaces usually have a damper installed in the upper part of the Instructions on how to shut off and relight gas-log pilot lights are printed  19 Sep 2019 o Wiring details Installation and specification of fire dampers; materials, fixings, clamps etc. that are manufactured from a non – fire resistant. This manual describes the installation and operation of the EWF36A wood through listed cable clamp leaving approximately six (6) Damper rod Clamp. Bring STRAILastic_A rail damper to installation position (use transport platform), place into sleeper bay) and pass the part of the fixing clamp with the fixing. This installation instruction applies to Fire Dampers and Com- bination Special care shall be given to the damper before installation and after to insure it is protected against dirt, weather Standard 6" (152 mm) metal clip may be used with 

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